Baccalaureate and Licentiate in Religious Sciences

For the Religious and Lay people aim- ing at getting academic titles for the teaching of religion or wishing to search into philosophical-religious subjects, the Superior Institute of Religious Sciences “Mater Ecclesiae” continues its academic activity based on the new five-yearly system of studies: the first three-yearly cycle (Baccalaureate in Religious Sciences = Bachelor’s Degree) and second two-yearly cycle (Licentiate in Religious Sciences = Master’s Degree).

The propelling core of the whole academic activity is the salvific mystery of Christ and of the Church. Dedicated to Mary Mother of the Church, the Institute answers the solicitations of our multiethnic society and offers the study of the various subjects having particular care for the ecumenical, intercultural and interfaith dialogue. For this reason, besides the Italian section, the Institute has an English section to meet the needs of several religious conregations asking for a biblical-theological-philosophical study as a precious contribution to the training of the young coming from different countries.

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