I and II YEAR (A.A. 2013-14)

Dogmatic Theology: Pneumatology – History of Spirituality I and II – The Spirituality of Marriage – History of Liturgy- Theology and Spirituality of the Laity – Wisdom for the Jurney: Models of Spiritual Direction – The Lived Theology of St. Catherine of Siena – St. John of the Cross – Interdisciplinary Course – Seminar: Education to Love and Procreation in the Pastoral Work – Seminar: Suffering Human Dignity and the Virtue of Fortitude – Second Foreign Language

* Course at Students’ free choice

I and II YEAR (A.A. 2014-15)

Youth Ministry – Intersubjective Pedagogy – Intercultural Pedagogy – Psycology of Personality – Counseling and Psycological Intervention – Group Relation – Christian Anthropology – Theology of Consecrated Life – Theology of Prayer – Christian Archaeology – Coscience in the Chatolic Tradition – Aquinas on Prayer – Interdisciplinary Course II – Seminr: True Virtuein teh Teaching of St. Catherine of Siena – Seminar: Religious Life and Emotional Life

* Course at Students’ free choice

* Final Paper