Course for Formators


The ISSR Mater Ecclesiae has organized together with the Spirituality Institute of the Faculty of Theology a Master for Formators of 1 year length (2 semesters) and a Licence Course of 2 years length (4 semesters) as a continuation of the theological-scriptural education offered by the three-year course of Baccalaureate.

The Course aims at helping students to mould and strengthen their consecrated personality in order to become Formators capable of understanding and guiding the formation path of every single person with which they establish an educational relationship.

The Course is open also to those students who have not attended a theology triennium but have qualifications on the same level. At the end of the Course Students will get a Certificate for the courses attended and the exams taken..

The Course is divided into three main areas: spirituality, pedagogy, psychology with seminars, workshops and practical lessons, tutorials.

Plan of study of “Humanities Courses”

Plan of study of “Spirituality Courses”